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Hi, I’m Darrius Le  I graduated from The Art Institute of Cincinnati, where I received my Associates in Fashion Merchandising. That fall I moved to Chicago, Illinois where I graduated from Illinois Art Institute – Chicago, with my bachelors in Fashion Marketing & Management . Over the years, I grew from just loving fashion . I also enjoy doing branding, creating content visuals, social media, Im a freelancer who specializes in branding and marketing for over 7 years. I help create content, think of creative ideas for content, create marketing plans/ strategies. Branding new and rebranding current businesses with social media and advertising tools and tactics. With my background in fashion and marketing/business management im able to help brands elevate aesthetically and become the business they truly desire to be. Currently I’m studying to get my Masters in IMC (Integrated Marketing & Communications) at Roosevelt University. With my help and your desire we can become a dream team!

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