Hi, I’m Darrius Le and born in Columbus, Ohio. I’m an Aries (April 19th). Growing up I always had a passion to help others become a better version of themselves, including myself.  I graduated from The Art Institute of Cincinnati, where I received my Associates in Fashion Merchandising. That fall I moved to Chicago, Illinois where I graduated from Illinois Art Institute – Chicago, with my bachelors in Fashion Marketing & Management . Over the years, I grew from just loving fashion . I also enjoy doing branding, creating content visuals, social media, interior decorating ,revamping, styling people ,trend forecasting ,and graphic designing. Not only do I enjoy making others look good, but I also enjoy making others feel good. Currently I’m studying to get my Masters in IMC (Integrated Marketing & Communications) at Roosevelt University. With my continued education I will further bring a uniqueness and style to my business and also help further my business and also help others with their business ventures and personal use. With my help and your desire we can become a dream team!

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